Marriott Detroit Renaissance Center

400 Renaissance Drive

Detroit, Mi. 48243

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Hi Troupe Directors,

I know that there have been some issues with the Hotel Registration site. I had a meeting this week with Marriott and we have come up with solutions to make your life easier.

We will now use a hotel registration form that will allow you to input your student and chaperone names. Troupe Directors will NOT call the Detroit Marriott directly.

Important things to remember, PLEASE READ:

  • After filling out the form, email the form back to Kirk Erickson at  I will be dealing with the reservation person.

    • I will keep track of all rooms for count purposes and be forwarding those rooming lists to Marriott

    • Save the form with your school and troupe number so I can keep track of your requests please

    • On all tabs in excel attachment, please read directions.

    • This form is user friendly and will make it easier for you to have a list of your attendees and just put the room # in upon arrival

  • If paying by check, make check payable to Marriott Ren Cen

  • If the student is paying for their own trip, you should not be using the tax exempt forms.  If your school pays for all the trips out of their funds, then using the tax exempt forms is okay.

  • Please only use double rooms if you indeed need double rooms (2 beds).  Get a King room for yourself if it is just you or you and your spouse/partner.  The contract has been set up with a set number of double rooms.

  • If you have already registered, I would appreciate you taking a moment and filling out the form as well, so I can have an accurate count of rooms.

  • For easiest hotel check in, PAY IN ADVANCE.  Otherwise, you may be waiting for keys to be prepared, etc.  This will prevent major congestion around check in area and expedite things for you.

Thanks for all you do.




The Marriott Detroit Renaissance Center is pleased to offer the use of their online reservation system powered by Passkey. All reservations will be made, modified or canceled by individuals on-line using the Michigan Thespian Festival link.


Special Festival Rate:    Single $139.00 (159.85 with tax)

                                       Double $139.00 (159.85 with tax)

                                       Triple $139.00 (159.85 with tax)

                                      Quads $139.00 (159.85 with tax)

Hotel room rates are subject to applicable  local taxes (currently 9%)

Room rate only guaranteed if reservations are made by 5:00pm November 18th. 


Guaranteed Reservations: All reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit or guaranteed with a major credit card. The hotel will not hold any reservations unless secured by one of the above methods.


Billing: Each troupe is to pay for room charges directly to the Marriott Detroit Renaissance Center. Hotel costs are not included in the Festival Registration pricing.


The Marriott Detroit Renaissance Center has been selected as the official META Festival hotel.  They have the capacity to house all of the delegates for the Michigan Thespian Festival. For schools that choose to stay at hotels outside of the area, shuttle transportation WILL NOT be provided to/from those hotels and the Festival sites.


We encourage you to try and stay the night with your troupe in the Marriott Detroit Renaissance  Center if at all possible. We feel the experience builds community and also relieves stress on the troupe.  Also, the more people that stay at hotels, the better rates we are able to negotiate to all of our delegates for the next year as our convention space rentals are tied into how many rooms are taken by delegates.