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The Standing Ovation Awards is an award  given out to one distinguished individual each year who have given a significant contribution to the Michigan Educational Theater Association.  This is a person that goes well beyond expectations in the betterment of the students, teachers and well being of our organization as a whole.  Often this award goes to professionals and volunteers who give unconditionally of themselves for the well being of theatre education as a whole.

Standing Ovation Award

Standing Ovation Recipients:

2010 - Craig Ihnen

2011  -Nira Pullin

2012 - D. Terry Williams

2014 - Dr. Steven Erickson

2016 - Roger Ellis

2017 - Patrick Niemi

2018 - Pam Cardell

2019 - Melinda Pacha

2021 - Kirk Domer

2023 - Mary Copenhagen

Nominations Process

The Michigan Educational Theater Association accepts open nominations from

Michigan Educational Theatre Associations members.

If you have questions, contact:
Hall of Fame Coordinator

Dr. Phillip Moss, University Liggett School #5253

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