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Student Thespian Officers

The deadlines to apply are March 1st!

Contact the STO Director Rob Roy:


Student Thespian Officers (STO's) are comprised of a small group of students from across the state.  These students volunteer to serve in a leadership position for a one year term.  All officers must attend the Thespian Leadership Camp in August as well as the Michigan Thespian Festival.


As officers students work along with the Adult State Board to create special experiences for fellow Thespians.  Much of this work includes conducting leadership activities as well planning and executing events that take place at the annual Thespian Festival.


Student officers must let their ego go and work cooperatively with others.  Their interest must be to serve their fellow Thespians as best they can.  Traits of an STO include: work ethic, good attendance, positivity, self-motivation, team-play, responsibility, creativity, problem-solving, organization and flexibility.

If you are interested in being a State Thespian Officer, you can apply by clicking on the link to the side.  In addition to your own application you must also have your director/sponsor complete the recommendation form for you as well.

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