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Your 2020 STO's

It’s my goal to get student thespians across Michigan involved in more theatre activities outside of their own school, so that they can learn more about the art, and so that they can work and bond with other theatre kids!

Troupe 3508

Cass Dickey

I am really interested in finding a way to make our festival more of a community event rather than only being with our own troupe.

Troupe 2296

Hunter Stabile

I feel the need to promote the impact of how thespians can mold you into not only a better performer, but also a well-rounded individual. It’s a vital part of the thespians experience that I underwent at my first Leadership Camp, therefore, I would love to teach others how important this organization is in order to maintain the prosperous legacy.

Troupe 7586

Kendra Lodewyk

I want State Festival to be as fun, inclusive, and memorable as it is educational!

Troupe 5253

Christina Jarad

As an STO this year, I'm very excited to set an exciting tone for Festival with the opening ceremony!

Troupe 7490

Lily Somers

I would like to create a welcoming, safe space for other artists to share their passion for theatre arts.

Troupe 7919

Bella Gielniak

I would like to reach more schools in Michigan and get them more involved in ITS. I would like to introduce new workshops that include various theater aspects that are less well known. I would like to help create a space where all thespians can feel free to be themselves and create amazing art together.

Troupe 4777

Meg Brice

I’d like to help create enjoyable experiences for my fellow Michigan thespians and encourage others to be more involved in their troupes and communities.

Troupe 1176

Griffin Yeater

I’d love to inspire others with my love of the theatre arts and bring more tech workshops to festival!

Troupe 4619

McKenna Haas

I will maintain the integrity of the STO committee. I will fulfill my duties and responsibilities, as well as help create a positive atmosphere in which our Thespian community can learn and grow.

Troupe 5421

Lady'Jordan Matthews-Mason

This year as a State Thespian Officer I would like to work with my fellow STOs to spread the love of theatre to every individual that attends MI Thespian Festival and Leadership Camp and make them the absolute best they can be, strengthening our community which is tied together by the common joy theatre brings us all!

Troupe 7940

Gabriela Moncivais

FOOD:  Food is not included in registration.  Here is a comprehensive list of restaurants and hours within the Marriott and over the walkway at Millender Center.  There will also be food available at Cobo.

SCHOLARSHIP:  Scholarship Information

INDIVIDUAL EVENTS:  Individual Events give Thespians (must be a thespian) the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs. If a student achieves overall Superiors at the Michigan Thespian Festival, they will have the opportunity to go the National Festival (not required) for further adjudication.


WORKSHOPS: Workshops are a valuable learning opportunity for students and teachers. Workshops on all aspects of theatre practice are offered both days of our festival. With many workshops to choose from, delegates can dabble in anything from costumes and makeup to safe stage combat to singing, acting, dancing, and improv. Delegates do not have to sign-up for workshops. They may attend any that they wish and may decide on-site.


Workshop schedule will be available on Guidebook a few weeks prior to festival.

TRANSPORTATION: Troupes will be responsible for getting to the venue. Each delegate will receive a 2-day unlimited ride pass for the people mover. There will be people mover maps included in troupe bags.

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