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Your 2020 STO's


Cass Dickey

Troupe 3508

It’s my goal to get student thespians across Michigan involved in more theatre activities outside of their own school, so that they can learn more about the art, and so that they can work and bond with other theatre kids!


Elizabeth Dupuis

Troupe 2829

I’d like to help to grow the Michigan thespian community and make new relationships with more of my fellow thespians


Ave Cortiana

Troupe 5537

I’d like to capture the same incredible memories I have associated with ITS and create them for other people!


Payton Miller

Troupe 7919

I’d like to continue making Thespian Society a place where people can express themselves and feel safe to do so.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 5.43.14 PM.png

Alyssa Raine

Troupe 1000

I'd like to make festival enjoyable for everyone and memorable for new thespians!

Picture of me! -Grace Leonardi (3).jpg

Grace Leonardi

Troupe 4260

As an STO, I would like to form connections with other thespians around the state, share my passion for performance and the arts, learn more and make a difference in people‘s lives. I hope to expand on my leadership skills, and most importantly help make festival amazing as always!!



Troupe 4880

I would like to make thespian as fun as possible and I would like to make everyone feel included!


Hadley Gorsline

Troupe 5491

I want to help bring creativity, positivity, and support to Michigan Thespians!


Dory O'Dell

Troupe 4619

I’d love to help create a welcoming environment among the students and make it easier for troupes to befriend each other


Siri Quist

Troupe 1176

I want to share the passion that I have for theatre and create a positive environment for all, while contributing new ideas.


Sarahfay Hendin

Troupe 2244

I would love to inform people about the importance of theatre and the life long benefits it holds. Theatre is so important and I love to spread my passion to everyone I meet!