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META Scholarships

Tom Suda Spirit Scholarship

DIRECTOR FORM DUE BY Friday, November 10th, 2023

This scholarship was created to honor Tom Suda, who was a great supporter, educator, judge and friend of the Michigan Educational Theatre Association. His positive energy embodied the core values of the EdTA and Michigan Thespians: working together, recognizing people matter, striving for excellence, and being the type of person others want to work with.


This scholarship honors one Michigan student who also shares these values. Each school can nominate only one student. Unlike other scholarships, the student you nominate DOES NOT need to study theatre after high school. The scholarship will be announced at the closing of Festival. The awardee will receive $500, which will be sent to the school or educational institution of the student’s choice.


The application form for this scholarship should only be completed by the school’s director--not the student being nominated

Please click on the link below to complete the application.


Thespian Scholarship Competition


The Thespian Scholarship Competition is intended to recognize the top 10 theatre students in the state of Michigan. Each school can nominate a maximum of one performance candidate and one technical theatre candidate. There is a $10 charge per student to apply. Ten awards of $500 will be granted.


Students participating must be pursuing a degree in the theatre arts. Students can not enter without permission from their director, which is limited to 2 students from a school. If you’d like to enter either 1 or 2 of your students, please make them aware of the rules, which can be found below.

You will need to complete the application form with the student, since information is needed from both the director and the student as well as a payment method.  To avoid confusion and the risk that students will apply themselves without your knowledge, the link to the Thespian Scholarships info can only be found below.

For more information, the rules, and the link to apply, please visit: 

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